Child Example Case Study: “Kim” at 35 Months of Age

Child Example Case Study- “Kim” at 35 Months of AgeChild Example Case Study: “Kim” at 35 Months of Age

A. Medical and Developmental Background:

Kim Doe, who is currently 35 months of age, was referred to the 619 program from Early intervention. She had been referred to Early Intervention at 17 months, by her pediatrician, Dr. Johnson, due to failure to thrive associated with cardiac anomalies, encephalitis, spasticity (most likely cerebral palsy) and seizures. Dr Johnson’s current health report for Kim provides a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, with significant spasticity. The history of seizure activity has resolved and Kim no longer takes medication. Her heart function has stabilized. Kim is still followed by neurology, in addition to her pediatrician, Dr. Johnson.

Kim had been hospitalized off and on in Denver, Colorado for the majority of her first 14 months of life due to seizures, numerous viral infections and significant nutritional issues. Kim had an NG tube from 6 months of age until she was successfully weaned from it by 20 months. Since that time she has been able to maintain steady, typical weight gain. She has maintained height and weight in the 25- 30th percentile for her age. However, she remains a very picky eater, who is orally hypersensitive with frequent choking or gagging when trying new foods.

Mrs. Doe thinks that early intervention has helped Kim make significant gains and supported the families’ capacity to care for her. Mrs. Doe is really interested in getting special education and related services started without delay. Now that Kim is more medically stable, Mrs. Doe is interested in returning to work, and wants to explore a preschool placement where Kim can receive special education services.

Child Example Case Study: “Kim” at 35 Months of Age

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