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Developing good business communication skills is as much about the ability to develop good content as it is about good form. Business documents must maintain certain standards and should be, at most, recognizable internationally. Documents can be classified into two types: internal and external. Internal documents circulate within the organization and may include memos, reports and proposals.

External documents circulate outside of the organization. Examples include: letters, tenders, proposals and reports. The external environment may include clients, customers, suppliers, stockholders, government, media and the general public.

Unit 1

What is Business Communication?

Strong Business Communication skills are critical to the success of any organization despite its size, geographical location, and its mission. Business communication is intertwined with the internal culture and external image of any organization. It therefore determines what is communicated, by whom, and at what level in the organization. Ultimately, good business
communication practices assist the organization in achieving its objectives by informing, persuading and building good will within both the internal environment and, the external environment.

If organizations are to survive and prosper in the rapidly changing global environment, they must continually change the way communication processes are structured and delivered. This global environment forces us to think about communication issues
against the backdrop of culture, technology and competition, which continually raise legal and ethical concerns.

Meaning of Communication:
The word “Communicate” comes from the Latin verb “Communicare” that means to impart, to participate, to share or to make common. By virtue of its Latin origin it is also the source
of the English word “Common”.


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