Assessing the Adventure

Sharon Press
Mitchell Hamline School of Law Dispute Resolution Institute

Noam Ebner
Creighton University School of Law – Werner Institute for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

Lynn P. Cohn
Northwestern University – Pritzker School of Law


N. Ebner, J. Coben & C. Honeyman (Eds.), Assessing our Students, Assessing Ourselves: Vol. 3 in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series. St Paul, MN: DRI Press, March 2012


A significant series of prior writings in the Rethinking Negotiation Teaching project has focused on adventure learning. Here, the authors tackle a knotty series of assessment problems which adventure learning creates. Experiments at four different universities show that the practical problems are significant, but that they can be overcome. The authors offer a series of tools respectively suited to evaluation of the adventure learning experience itself, its outcomes, or a resulting but separate assignment.

Assessing the Adventure

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