Applied Mergers and Acquisitions

Robert F. Bruner

University of Virginia – Darden School of Business

Robert F. Bruner, APPLIED MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS, New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2004


Applied Mergers and Acquisitions aims to present a one-volume coverage of practice and research in a way that is both pragmatic and rigorous. This document gives an overview of the book and contains the table of contents, a description of associated software, an excerpt from the preface, and an excerpt from Chapter 1 – these give a sense of the perspective taken here. In brief, the book seeks to:

– Integrate topics and practices. Surveyed here are ethics, strategy, search, due diligence, valuation, accounting, tax, deal design, negotiation, post-merger integration, and leadership of a business development unit. By combining these aspects in one volume it is possible to show linkages among them and what these linkages mean for practitioners.

– Highlight best practices and state of the art. In particular, the book identifies seven new disruptive ideas that are likely to change practice.

– Marry research and practice. The book summarizes academic research findings that bear important insights and implications for practitioners. Case examples give practical illustrations of new ideas. The comprehensive list of writings about M&A that is contained in the book can help the practitioner and the scholar understand better the domain and limits of our knowledge.

– Promote self-paced discovery and continuing learning. M&A is a complex subject and the nexus of numerous disciplines. This book strives to make accessible the ideas in various areas and to lay the foundation for continued exploration. A workbook entitled, Applied Mergers and Acquisitions: Workbook, (Wiley, 2004) contains chapter summaries and problems with worked-through solutions. A CD-ROM contains templates for quantitative analysis of M&A transactions using approaches outlined in the book, additional written lectures dealing with legal aspects of M&A, and more problems with worked-through solutions.

Applied Merger and Acquisitions

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