Appendix C: Software Papers and Case Studies

Appendix C- Software Papers and Case StudiesAppendix C: Software Papers and Case Studies

GuidelineS for SoftwAre PAPerS in Agronomy JournAl

The software section of Agronomy Journal (AJ) publishes papers related to comput- ing in agronomy. Papers may focus on measurement or analysis software, monitoring and control software, visualization, specialized databases and data structures, computer utili- ties for agronomists, comparisons of algorithms or programs, and decision support sys- tems. Software manuscripts may be submitted as articles, Letters to the Editor, Notes, or Forum papers. While AJ encourages authors to make their software available at no or low cost, including source code, it welcomes articles dealing with both freely distributed and commercial software. Papers on simulation modeling are more appropriately submitted to the Agronomic Models section of AJ, and papers focusing on statistics should be submitted to the Statistics section. Papers focusing on educational or extension applications of com- puters should be submitted to Natural Sciences Education (NSE). Field applications of existing software, databases, or decision support systems typically belong in the related subject section (Agroclimatology, Crops, Integrated Agricultural Systems, Integrated Pest Management, or Soils). The editor reserves the right to reassign a paper to another section.

As with other manuscripts submitted to AJ, software manuscripts must adhere to accepted scientific standards in terms of a review of relevant literature, testing, and docu- mentation of methods. The authors must show that the software performs its stated func- tion, which generally requires testing the methodology and presenting one or more sample applications. Because the emphasis is on the software, use of previously published data is acceptable where appropriate. Authors are encouraged to make programs and documenta- tion available at the beginning of the review process and may be required to do so at the editor’s discretion.

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