A Tenant’s Practical Guide to Commercial Leases

tenantA Tenant’s Practical Guide to Commercial Leases

By Stuart Darlington


This book is a short practical guide to general commercial leases which
contains commercial and practical considerations that should be taken into
account when entering into, or negotiating, a new lease. It explains the
practical effect of the underlying law (without a technical explanation of the
laws that apply) and the main issues to look out for, in order to be able to
manage the risks and costs inherent in commercial leases and to attain the
required flexibility of use.

This book is for occupiers and their property managers. It explains the
main areas of concern and common issues for tenants that apply to
general commercial leases, including offices and retail and restaurant
leases, but it does not cover residential, agricultural or other specialist leases
and is not intended to be a legal guide or give legal advice.

I qualified as a lawyer in 2000 and subsequently became a partner
specialising in commercial property, with a split specialism between
commercial and retail and restaurant leases. I have worked for Plc’s,
private companies, hedge funds and many well known retail and
restaurant chains.
The content of this book is the same advice I give my clients on a daily
basis, practical and commercial and in plain English, without reference to
legal terms or jargon.

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