A Model for Uncovering Interests Using Online Dispute Resolution

Jelle van Veenen
Tilburg Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of Civil Law and Conflict Resolution Systems (TISCO)

August 17, 2010

Tilburg Law School Research Paper No. 021/2010
Tilburg University TISCO Working Paper No. 005/2010


Online dispute resolution (ODR) can reduce the cost of resolving disputes, and it can increase efficiency. Additionally, it can support disputants by offering them tools with which they can better understand their position and their options, and with which they can effectively communicate with their adversary about their interests.

The aim of this research is to develop methods for ODR applications to facilitate disputants in one of the key tasks of dispute resolution: uncovering their interests. To this end, the concept of a hypothetical interest model is developed. Such a model can describe the interests that disputants may have both in conflicts in general and in specific types of conflicts. A general model of interests in conflicts is developed, and examples from three case studies show how this model may be enriched with expert knowledge to help ODR users uncover their interests.

A Model for Uncovering Interests Using Online Dispute Resolution

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