3 Communication Tools for Dealing with Children & People Acting Like Children

3 Communication Tools for Dealing with Children & People Acting Like Children

Whether you’re struggling with children (or people acting like children), watch this 15 minute video to learn ideas and get the tools you need to improve the quality of relationships (at home AND at work) starting today.
Jodi Womack (co-founder of Get Momentum Leadership Coaching getmomentum.co/) sits down with parenting expert, Debbie Godfrey of PositiveParenting.com for a short and powerful discussion.
Here are 3 Communication Tools to help overcome power struggles, rebuild trust and eliminate toxic environments.
During this 15-minute conversation, you’ll learn:
1. Everyone has Power Struggles. It may seem «counter-intuitive,» but one way to minimize the number (and volume!) of those struggles is to actually give more power in a structured way. The story that Deb tells of the 3-year-old struggling for power every day – and what she suggested to the parents to end those struggles – is pure gold.
2. Everyone is looking for connection. Toddlers, teen-agers, spouses, employees…every day you have a unique opportunity to meet with people in a way that will build the relationship in a positive way. You can practice what Deb calls, «GEMs = Genuine Encounter Moments.» Watch the video, and try it out…
3. Do you know how to create rebellion? Deb does. One of the things that she says is, «Rules without Relationship = Rebellion.» Then, she goes on to talk about what she calls the «Mindtrust Agreement.» You’re going to want to find out what this means, and how to use it to your advantage.

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