25 Most Difficult Negotiation Tactics by: Bill McCormick

25 Most Difficult Negotiation Tactics by: Bill McCormick

Negotiation skills are crucial for EVERYONE in today’s competitive business environment. The purpose of this online seminar is to improve your ability to respond effectively when someone uses adversarial negotiation tactics.

You might be interested to learn that people who negotiate in both internal and external situations, say that internal can be more adversarial than external negotiation situations. Our approach to business negotiation is win/win, and therefore this seminar will highlight how you can respond when the other person is using adversarial tactics.

There are literally hundreds of different adversarial tactics, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 25 most common. If you learn how to respond effectively to these 25 tactics, you will be able to emulate the best negotiators, by becoming a more comfortable and successful negotiator.

You will learn:

to identify the 25 most common adversarial negotiation tactics
what distinguishes the best negotiators from average negotiators
how to assess if a negotiation might be adversarial

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