2014 Succeed with Inquiry: Insights, Knowledge, Action

2014 Succeed with Inquiry: Insights, Knowledge, Action

Our thirteenth annual Forum continues to expand “thinking about thinking”, raising the consciousness of better thinking in individuals and organizations. To that end, we invited pioneering thinkers who are leaders in “Succeeding with Inquiry” to share their insights in a 5-day event that includes a Weekend Conference, preceded by 3 days of Pre-Conference sessions. In addition to pro-bono appearances by our Weekend Conference presenters, we are partnering with additional members of our Network, who are also donating their time, to offer 14 Pre-Conference seminars and workshops. These sessions range in length from 2-hours to 6-hours.
These ideas and insights may lead you in untold exciting directions in your work and life after the Forum, particularly if you continue to nurture new relationships through other Network activities throughout the year.

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